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Costa Rica

Company profile

Supplier of rainforest plants, design and consultancy of tropical exhibits.

Tropical Zoo Plants is a Danish company owned by Botanical Engineer, Mr. Lars Bo Kjeldstrøm (1965)

Since 1992 Lars Bo Kjeldstrøm has worked with nature conservation in Costa Rica. Since 1994 he has worked with Zoo exhibits. Creating rainforest exhibits in the zoo´s using his knowledge about plants in the real rainforest combined with the knowledge about what plants need when you put them in an artificial environment like a tropical house with heating, ventilation and irrigation. Today the company has developed into combining nature conservation and supplying zoo exhibits with rainforest plants by the well established nursery in Aguas Zarcas, Limon, Costa Rica. We run a non-timber production that sustain the local community. This way many of the people in the village do not have to cut their forest to make a living. They work in the production of tropical plants directly in the rainforest.



Tropical Zoo Plants has supplied rainforest plants for larger tropical exhibits in Europe since 1997.

The company own a rainforest in the Limon province, Costa Rica. The forest is 13 HA of secondary rainforest.







The staff at the nursery in Costa Rica.

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