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Costa Rica


We offer all kinds of tropical or subtropical environments – ranging from rainforest to desert. Besides the huge amount of species we offer in living plants it is possible to supply with dead plantmaterial such as old trunks and lianas – and artificial foliage is also an option for problematic invironments like nocturnal zoo exhibits.


Construction of Tropical Houses


Besides creating the exact type of environment that you need, we also offer our consultance in the early phases of building in order to discover any technical faults that might prove very expensive to correct later on such as ventilation, heating, artificial light or water recirculation.


Problem solvers


We offer solutions regarding problems with pests, such as ants, aphids and spidermites.

A number of our clients are also provided with services regarding pruning, education and maintenance advice.






The physical frames (the building)


Diversity of plants and their physical needs


Water and irrigationsystems, rain and fog


Light and shade, artificial light


Soil and draining, waterbalance in the plants


Diseases and biological programs to control them


Pressure on plants from animals ex-situ


Development and maintainence of the growing forest


Ideas for your exhibit - themes and stories from the rainforest


Field-trips in the rainforest in Costa Rica - with local guides and plant experts


Presentations at Zoo and Horto conferences



Animals and Plants


Enclosures for animals are one of our specials – and also butterflygardens where we can offer consultance on how to keep and breed - and which species will perform well in your exhibit.

We spend a lot of time in tropical areas to see how nature do the ”decorating” – how the plants are growing together and the amount of material we need to create the natural look, which is our primary task when we create a piece of tropical nature.


Plants and animals are a very exiting cocktail when put together into an enclosure – often the plants will loose the battle and the picture of balanced coexistence is lost. And that balanced coexistence is what we really want to show the public today – and that is why we create the invironments as natural as possible – to show the animals in their natural habitat, but in captivity.


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