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January 2009

Newsletter Winter 2008-2009

June 2008

June 10th-14th Tropical Zoo Plants participate in the yearly EZG (European Zoo Horticultural Group) Conference  in Rotterdam Zoo.

Manager of Tropical Zoo Plants, Lars Bo Kjeldstrøm-Fisker will at the conference hold a session

Our next newsletter is on its way.

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February-March 2008

Our thoughts about conservation still plays a big role in our work. After a supply of plants to both London and Paignton Zoo, UK - we spend much time with our friends and customers about this issue. In February and March we spend time in the nursery in Aguas Zarcas and both staff from London Zoo and Pragh Zoo paid us a weeklong visit. We went on expeditions in the rainforest with them and had a fantastic time discussing plants, birds, animals and the rural life in the village.

On February 13th we held our yearly School-Visit day. This year the subject was to learn more about the enviromental problems regarding artificial trash and methods of recycling.


The next EAZA horti conference is comming up June 10-14 in Rotterdam. We have prepared some presentations about butterflies, education and conservation. We are looking forward to this and again we hope to meet many of our colaborators within the European Zoo World.

November-December 2007

Our work with the plant identification is still in progress, but already now the plantlist has been updated with more than 100 new species             Plant Search. The last months has also been quite busy regarding trawel activities. In October we went back to The Czech Republich to visit ZOO Zlin  and see how the exhibit that we made in October 2006 is developing. On this trip we also visited Zoo Pragh and had a good talk with the management of the horti department.

In November we consulted the Montpellier Zoo . This summer they opened a new tropical exhibit The Amazonian greenhouse. We are hoping that our contact will develop and that we can help them to create an even better and more authentic rainforest exhibit.

July-August 2007

The result of our work in the nursery identifying new plant species - will soon show on our plantlist which you will find here Plant Search. The number of American species has raised to 348 different ones.


Fresh photos from the nursery
Clik on images to enlarge

Dendrobatus auratus with todpoles on its back.

Beautiful green tree frog - Smilisca phaeota.

May-June 2007

Tropical Zoo Plants attended the European Zoo-Horticulture Conference about Soil, Water and Nutrients in Zoo Exhibits. The Conference was held in Zoo Zürich where we saw the fantastic Masoala - a huge Madagascar rainforest exhibit. Fortunately we met many of our colaborating partners from the European Zoos and discussed different matters of use of soil mixture and sanetory conditions of plants from the nurseries.

Some of the test results showing the beneficial use of higher mineralic percentage in the soilmix - could make one think that we would make a more "dead" soil in the zoo exhibits. Why should we stop trying to create the exhibits as natural as possible. One of the the answers  to that was for example the benefit of a cleaner soil with less bacteria and fungi present. But will the plants really benefit from that. In many aspects the plants are relying on the absense of bacterias and fungi - to mention one of the most important things - the mycorrhiza.

In our oppinion a tropical exhibit should be as complete a cycle as possible with limitations from the fact that it is artificially run.

Our plants in our nursery are grown in a natural environment. They are exposed to rain, wind, wildlife, sun and shade from surrounding trees and plants. All in all a copy of a habitat organized in containers.


Masoala view

Turtle pond

Masoala from outside


February - March 2007

From February 13 to February 28 we worked in the nursery in Aguas Zarcas. At this stay we had the management of Parken Zoo, Sweden, as our guests. Parken Zoo will inspected the plants for their shipment in March 2007.

In this period a Danish school teacher Ms. Signe Møller, worked at the primary school in Aguas Zarcas. As this project has been a big succes, we are planning to start a cooperation with the universities in Denmark to offer students trainee jobs at the school. We have now made a good connection to the teachers and students in the village - and have decided to make a yearly School-Day in the nursery.

We have improved the work conditions for our employees with Englich classes during the work-hours. We have also given our employees more individual work responsebility and decided that there will be weekly staff meetings for all employees.

Education in Aguas Zarcas


January 2007

Tropical seeds

Plant search and plant lists

Botanical glossary

September - October 2006

Tropical Zoo Plants have supplied rainforest plants and consultancy for a large tropical exhibit in The Czech Republic - ZOO Zlin. The exhibit will open on October 14.

August 2006

Our recent stay in Costa Rica August 2006 we spent time with the people in charge of the upcoming project in ZOO Zlin, The Czech Republic. We showed them all the plants for their exhibit. We went on hikes with the ZOO Zlin management, and showed them how our plants grow in wild nature.  

Tropical Zoo Plants have made an agreement with the Municipality of Limon to run a project with a recycling station in the Aguas Zarcas village (63 families). In August we held a meeting with the Mayor of Limon (Roger Rivera) about the project.

As we have a spare small storage at the nursery - we can use this as collecting place. The Municipality will support with big boxes for the different types of trash: Batteries, Plastics, Aluminiums and Glass. The Municipality will also contribute with the transport of the trash back to the bigger recycling stations in Limon. 

Tropical Zoo Plants will inform all the families in the village with guidelines for the new recycling idea. We will educate them about the importance of keeping the nature clean from artificial trash. And tell them about the toxic polution of batteries, alumimums and plastics to the environment. 


May 2006

More and more customers request BIG trees for their exhibit. We also cooperate with the designers of the exhibits to create and develop exhibits that are closer to "the real nature" - a rainforest.

Big trees up to 6 meters in height can be delivered, and as a new thing - we now offer big trees with epiphytes on the branches and trunk. 


Tillandsia usneoides growing on Ojoche tree (Brosimum sp.)

Epiphyllum sp. on tree

December 2005


We offer stories about the plants in the exhibits.

Use of sences - SEE, FEEL, SMELL and TASTE the cocoa from the rainforest - look at photoshow at the right - click on the image to enlarge. Here you can get the idea of the substance of the story.


Click here to see how our local caretaker is Drying cacao beans in the sun

Click here to see how we peel the roasted beans


Not only text-material - but also a solution with design of signs, interactive platforms etc.

We come up with a complete idea for your exhibit - to make it an adventure for the visitor to take a walk through the exhibit.


We guarantee exhibits of high standards regarding botanical knowledge and with a close eye to the real world in the rainforest.


Cocoa fruit





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