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How the nursery was "build"

Rainforest nursery in Aguas Zarcas

At our farm we have the nursery. The construction of this new rainforest nursery started in late 2005 - and in summer 2006 the nursery is full of rainforest plants. All plants are in pots - bigger trees in wood boxes. The plants stand in beds. The plants benefit from the natural shade from canopy trees.



Mostly we have 10-15 persons in job. This way we support an income for up to 15 families in the local village. And we must say that we are happy to find out that some of the workers now work for us instead of having af job in the illegal timberbusiness.


The manager of the nursery Sr. William Villegas and his wife Sra. Laura Tenorio, have worked with tropical plants for more than 10 years, and lived for many years in Aguas Zarcas. They know the local rainforest and its eco-systems better than anyone. In the recent years their daugter Jackeline has finished her education and is now working in the nursery in charge of the plant ID system.





William Villegas

Jackeline & Bryan

All constructions are made by local workers and local materials


We use peatmoss for the plants.


Our work making plants from seeds and seedlings.

















































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