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Animals in Aguas Zarcas

Our forest is 13 Hectars (130.000 m2). The area we own is part of a very large rainforest area. In these forests many different mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles live. When we work in the nursery we often see and meet animals from the wild. See Imantodes cenchoa (liana snake)

We meet many living creatures on our way through the surrounding rainforest. Yet - we have not identified all - so feel free to email us your comments on the photos!

This little frog belongs in the group of the "poisen dart frogs". We don't see it very often and seem closer related to streams than other species. It is a Phyllobates lugubris. Active during day.

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This leaf frog in its resting position where you don´t see the resplendent colours. Quite amazing with its blue base colour. It is an Agalychnis calcarifer. These are rarely seen and are active at night.

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Another "poison dart frog" Dendrobates auratus. The Caribian type is more green than Pacific type. Diurnal and often seen in the forest.

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This little juvel is also a "poison dart frog", Dendrobates pumilio. It is very abundant not shy at all. It comes in many orange and red colours and black dots, blye or black legs -all in the same area!

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A more orange Dendrobates pumilio.

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Another and more abundant nocturnal leaf frog, Agalychnis callidryas. They are often close to water where they place their eggs in groups 1-2 meters above the water, so tadpoles will fall into the water when hatching. Easy to study and not to shy.

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Botrichis schlegelli.  

Procyon lotor, Northern raccoon. Black mask extends to lower cheek; fur on neck not reversed; long, white guard hairs on legs and belly; short banded tail; legs pale grey.  

Nasua narica, White-nosed Coati. Back dark brown to blackish. Widespread.
Long muzzle with white  markings around eyes and nose; long tail with very faint to moderately conspicuous bands.


A basilisk sitting on a plant crate in the nursery  

Leaf cutter ants  





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