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Links to our costumers and related companies

- Science and Zoo Centre
2001 project: South America Rainforest

‚Äč2006 project: Tropical Rainforest

Randers Rainforest (Denmark)
1996 project: Dome I and II Tropical House
2002 project: Dome III South America

Kattegatcentret - Aquarium (Denmark)
2005 project: Tropical lagoon

Aalborg Zoo (Denmark)
1997 - 2005 project: Tropical House
2004 project: South America House
2005 project: African Village

Zlin and Chateau-Lesna (the Czech Republic)
2006 project: Tropical Pavilion in Zoo Zlin

Odense Zoo (Denmark)
2001 project: South America House

London Zoo (UK)
2008 and 2010 Project: London Zoo

Istanbul Akvaryum (TR)

Related Danish company offering Design and Rockbuilding for Zoo's

Pangea Rocks 
Related Danish company offering Design & Rock building for Zoo´s and aquariums

HJM Design
Related Danish company offering Design and articles for souvenir shops and entrance decoration.

Related Danish company offering water- and irrigationsystems. Climate control, Fog- and rainsystems. All integrated.

Hans Christiansen (Danish orchid supplier)
Botanical site with a great index.